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XMLStrings.h File Reference

File containing strings used by XMLMetadataWriter and XMLMetadataLoader. More...

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#define XML_ERROR_UNEXPECTED_EXCEPTION   "Internal error - unexpected exception catched."
#define XML_ERROR_INVALID_LOCATION   "Invalid mapping file location \"%s\" given."
#define XML_ERROR_NEED_PROJECT_NAME   "Location \"%s\" is invalid or point to a directory."
#define XML_ERROR_INITIALIZING_PARSER   "Error during XML parser initialization: %s"
#define XML_ERROR_CANNOT_OPEN_FILE_FOR_READING   "Cannot open file \"%s\" for reading."
#define XML_ERROR_PARSING_FILE   "While parsing file \"%s\" - line %i, column %i : %s"
#define XML_ERROR_GETTING_ROOT   "Cannot get root element of mapping XML file"
#define XML_ERROR_EXPECTING_TAG   "Incorrect mapping XML - expecting tag \"%s\", found tag \"%s\"."
#define XML_ERROR_UNEXPECTED_TAG   "Incorrect mapping XML - one of the children of \"%s\" is unexpected element \"%s\"."
#define XML_ERROR_GETTING_ATTR   "Incorrect mapping XML - element \"%s\" missing required attribute \"%s\"."
#define XML_ERROR_UNEXPECTED_NODE_TYPE   "Incorrect mapping XML - one of the children of \"%s\" is node of unexpected type."
#define XML_ERROR_GETTING_NODE_VALUE   "Incorrect mapping XML - error getting value of element \"%s\"."
#define XML_ERROR_EMPTY_NODE_VALUE   "Incorrect mapping XML - element \"%s\" is empty."
#define XML_ERROR_NOT_TEXT_ELEMENT   "Incorrect mapping XML - element \"%s\" should contain some text (and possibly comments) but no other elements."
#define XML_ERROR_TWO_ELEMENTS   "Incorrect mapping XML - element \"%s\" contains two \"%s\" elements."
#define XML_ERROR_INCORRECT_MAPPING_TYPE   "Incorrect mapping XML - incorrect mapping type \"%s\" specified for class \"%s\"."
#define XML_ERROR_CLASS_SEEN_TWICE   "Incorrect mapping XML - class \"%s\" specified twice."
#define XML_ERROR_NONPERSISTENT_DEFAULT_FETCH_GROUP   "Default fetch group have to be persistent (see class \"%s\")."
#define XML_ERROR_CANNOT_OPEN_TMP_FILE_FOR_WRITING   "Cannot create / open temporary file \"%s\" for writing."
#define XML_ERROR_NO_TMP_FILES_IN_DIR   "Given directory \"%s\" either doesn't exist or doesn't contain any XMLMetadataWriter's temporary files (\"%s\")."
#define XML_ERROR_CANNOT_OPEN_TMP_FILE_FOR_READING   "Cannot open temporary file \"%s\" for reading."
#define XML_ERROR_INVALID_TMP_FILE   "XMLMetadataWriter's temporary file \"%s\" is corrupted."
#define XML_ERROR_TWO_PROJECTS   "XMLMetadataWriter's temporary files \"%s\" and \"%s\" contain data from two different projects \"%s\" and \"%s\". Cannot merge them to create XML mapping file."
#define XML_ERROR_DIFFERENT_PROJECT   "XMLMetadataWriter's temporary files contain two data for project \"%s\" not for project \"%s\"."
#define XML_ERROR_TWO_DIFFERENT_SAMENAMED_CLASSES   "XMLMetadataWriter's temporary files \"%s\" and \"%s\" contain two different definitions of class \"%s\"."
#define XML_ERROR_CREATING_MAPPING_TREE   "Unexpected error occured while creating XML tree for mapping file."
#define XML_ERROR_CANNOT_OPEN_XML_FILE_FOR_WRITING   "Cannot create / open XML mapping file \"%s\" for writing."
#define XML_ERROR_SAVING_MAPPING_FILE   "Cannot save XML mapping file \"%s\": %s"
#define XML_WRN_PERSISTENT_INFO_FOR_NON_PERSISTENT_ATTRIBUTE   "Ignoring \"%s\" specified for non-persistent attribute \"%s\", class \"%s\"."
#define XML_WRN_IGNORING_HINT   "Ignoring hint of unknown type \"%s\" (in class \"%s\")."
#define XML_WRN_BI_HINT_EMPTY_ATTR_LIST   "Ignoring a build_index hint for class \"%s\" - required attribute \"attributes\" doesn't contain any attribute names."

Detailed Description

File containing strings used by XMLMetadataWriter and XMLMetadataLoader.

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