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iopcExceptions.h File Reference

Declaration of some exceptions thrown by IOPC LIB. More...

#include "lExceptions.h"

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class  IopcExceptionUnexpected
 Thrown if some unexpected error occurs. Can be thrown also if user changes XML mapping file in a forbidden way (f.e. deletes some attributes from it). More...

class  IopcExceptionInvalidReference
 Thrown if user attempts to use reference Ref<T> that is not valid, because reference to unrelated type was assigned to it. More...

class  IopcExceptionReferencedObjectDoesntExist
 Thrown if accessing persistent association (reference) that points to an object which doesn't exist (object with given OID not found in project's main table). More...

class  IopcExceptionCannotFindClassObject
 Thrown if class object for given IopcPersistentObject cannot be found because the input XML file does not contain information about that class. More...

class  IopcExceptionInvalidSql
 User specified SQL fragment was invalid. More...

Detailed Description

Declaration of some exceptions thrown by IOPC LIB.

Josef Troch (
In case of an error IOPC LIB throws some exception - some descendant of ObjLibException. The descandant may be one of old "PoLiTe's" exceptions or one of exception defined in this file.
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