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iopcLogger.cpp File Reference

Implementation of class IopcLogger. More...

#include "iopcLogger.h"
#include "iopcLibStrings.h"
#include "messagePrinting.h"
#include <fstream>

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#define CREATE_MESSAGE_HEADER(outputStr, formatString)


IopcLogger _iopcLogger
IopcLoggeriopcLogger = &_iopcLogger

Detailed Description

Implementation of class IopcLogger.

Josef Troch (

Define Documentation

#define CREATE_MESSAGE_HEADER outputStr,
formatString   ) 

Macro that creates log message header - gets current time, puts it into appropriate place in formatString and returns result in outputStr.

Variable Documentation

IopcLogger _iopcLogger

The only instance of IopcLogger in IOPC LIB.

IopcLogger* iopcLogger = &_iopcLogger

Pointer to the only instance of IopcLogger in IOPC LIB.

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