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Oracle8iOci.cpp File Reference

Implementation of some arbitrary global functions. More...

#include "IopcLogger.h"
#include "Oracle8iOci.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "lDefs.h"
#include "lTrace.h"
#include "commonMisc.h"
#include "Oracle8iDatabase.h"
#include "Oracle8iConnection.h"
#include "Oracle8iCursor.h"

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int processOCIErrorGlobal (Oracle8iClassType classType, OCIEnv *ociEnvironment, OCIError *errorHandle, sword ociRetVal, const char *ociFunctionName, const char *myFunctionName, bool useEnvHandle)

Detailed Description

Implementation of some arbitrary global functions.

Josef Troch

If you find some bug there please report it to me using

22. - 23.2.2003

Function Documentation

int processOCIErrorGlobal Oracle8iClassType  classType,
OCIEnv *  ociEnvironment,
OCIError *  errorHandle,
sword  ociRetVal,
const char *  ociFunctionName,
const char *  myFunctionName,
bool  useEnvHandle

According to type of ociRetVal creates error message (typically it's necessary to call OCIErrorGet()) and calls logDebugMessage() method of class specified by classType to log the message.

classType Type of Oracle8i* class this function was called from.
ociEnvironment Pointer to OCI environment handle.
errorHandle Pointer to OCI error handle.
ociRetVal Return value of OCI function to handle its (possible) error.
ociFunctionName Name of the OCI function.
myFunctionName Name of member function of specified class, which was the OCI function called from.
useEnvHandle Set if OCIErrorGet() is to be called on ociEnvironment instead of errorHandle.
Return values:
0 OK, no error occured.
-1 Some error occured, OCIErrorGet() hasn't been called.
Other ORA-????? error code (acquired from OCIErrorGet()).

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