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MetadataLoader Class Reference

Interface for class that loads metadata (information about application's class model). More...

#include <MetadataLoader.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void initialize (const char *projectName, const void *implSpecificParam)
virtual int loadMetadata (const char *location, ClassHierarchy *classes, CStdString &warningsForUser, CStdString &errorForUser)=0

Protected Attributes

CStdString m_projectName

Detailed Description

Interface for class that loads metadata (information about application's class model).

Object that implements this interface can be used to load metadata that have been saved earlier by MetadataWriter. For each implementation of MetadataWriter there should be corresponding implementation of MetadataLoader.

It's necessary to call initialize() before calling any other MetadataLoader's method.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void MetadataLoader::initialize const char *  projectName,
const void *  implSpecificParam
[inline, virtual]

Remembers projectName in m_projectName, ignores implSpecificParam.

projectName Used to distinguish between different project / applications (if needed). Can be NULL if unknown.
implSpecificParam Can be used for any purpose - if some implementation of MetadataLoader needs some additional data, the data can be passed through this parameter.

virtual int MetadataLoader::loadMetadata const char *  location,
ClassHierarchy classes,
CStdString &  warningsForUser,
CStdString &  errorForUser
[pure virtual]

Loads metadata from given location.

Creates one FullClassInfo object per persistent-capable class (i.e. ancestor of IopcPersistentObject) and puts it into classes.

Fills in only BaseClassInfo members of the FullClassInfo objects.
location Specifies the place (for example file or DB table) from where the metadata should be loaded.
classes Container, that should be the FullClassInfo objects put into.
warningsForUser String used to send warning message(s) to user if needed.
errorForUser String used to send an error message to user if needed.
0 if OK, non-zero in case of error.

Implemented in XMLMetadataLoader.

Member Data Documentation

CStdString MetadataLoader::m_projectName [protected]

Project name.
See initialize() for details.

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