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iopcClassObjectImpl.h File Reference

Declaration of class IopcClassObjectImpl. More...

#include "StdString.h"
#include "iopcDataType.h"
#include "iopcMappingType.h"
#include "DatabaseSqlStatements.h"
#include "iopcClassObject.h"
#include "iopcPersistentObject.h"
#include "iopcDllExternal.h"
#include "lTypes.h"
#include "cObject.h"
#include <vector>
#include <set>
#include <map>

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struct  AttrInfo
 Structure containing information about an (transient or persistent) attribute of some persistent class. More...

struct  AttrGroup
 Structure containing information about one group of attributes. More...

struct  TableInfo
 Information about one database table that contains persistent objects' data. More...

struct  InsertUpdateTableInfo
 Information about a table used when inserting / updating a row in(to) the table. More...

class  IopcClassObjectImpl
 Class whose instances represent individual user's persistent classes. All object data manipulating methods are implemented there. More...




typedef std::vector< AttrInfoAttrVector
typedef std::vector< AttrGroupGroupVector
typedef std::list< bool > BitField
typedef std::list< InsertUpdateTableInfoInsertUpdateTableList

Detailed Description

Declaration of class IopcClassObjectImpl.

Josef Troch (

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Size of buffer allocated for IopcImportExportStruct::additionalData.

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<AttrInfo> AttrVector

Array (vector) containing all attributes of some persistent class. The attribute informations are lexicographically ordered in the array.

The lexicographic ordering is used for quick access to attributes and their groups (AttrGroup) f.e. when loading attribute / group of attributes from the database (IopcClassObjectImpl::loadAttribute()).

typedef std::vector<AttrGroup> GroupVector

Array (vector) containing all attribute groups of some persistent class. First group in the array is always default fetch group (see AttrGroup for details).

typedef std::list<bool> BitField

Bitfield - used in InsertUpdateTableInfo::attributesToSkip and InsertUpdateTableInfo::columnsToSkip.

typedef std::list<InsertUpdateTableInfo> InsertUpdateTableList

List of information about all tables, into which should be some row insered when inserting object of type represented by the IopcClassObjectImpl, that contains this list.

See also:
InsertUpdateTableInfo, IopcClassObjectImpl::insertUpdateTableList

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