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mop.cpp File Reference

One of the original OpenC++ source files. More...

#include "occCommon.h"
#include <string.h>
#include <iostream>
#include "token.h"
#include "mop.h"
#include "env.h"
#include "ptree.h"
#include "walker.h"
#include "classwalk.h"
#include "typeinfo.h"
#include "encoding.h"

Include dependency graph for mop.cpp:

Include dependency graph


ClassCreateClass (Ptree *def, Ptree *marg)
opcxx_ListOfMetaclassopcxx_init_Class ()
ClassCreateTemplateClass (Ptree *def, Ptree *marg)
opcxx_ListOfMetaclassopcxx_init_TemplateClass ()
END_OPENCXX_NAMESPACE void pokus (void)


opcxx_ListOfMetaclass classCreator ("Class", CreateClass, Class::Initialize, nil)
opcxx_ListOfMetaclass templateCreator ("TemplateClass", CreateTemplateClass, TemplateClass::Initialize, nil)

Detailed Description

One of the original OpenC++ source files.

Function Documentation

Class* CreateClass Ptree def,
Ptree marg

opcxx_ListOfMetaclass* opcxx_init_Class  ) 

Class* CreateTemplateClass Ptree def,
Ptree marg

opcxx_ListOfMetaclass* opcxx_init_TemplateClass  ) 

END_OPENCXX_NAMESPACE void pokus void   ) 

Variable Documentation

opcxx_ListOfMetaclass classCreator("Class", CreateClass, Class::Initialize, nil) [static]

opcxx_ListOfMetaclass templateCreator("TemplateClass", CreateTemplateClass, TemplateClass::Initialize, nil) [static]

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